How it works

  1. A free (up to 30 minutes) Discovery Call helps us determine whether we are a good fit for mutual business success. Book a call with me
  2. I offer a 1hr, 5hr or 10hr debit card which buys the respective number of my working hours. [Hours expire 1 year from purchase date and can be used in any combination or spread out as your schedule requires].
  3. Once a Debit Card has been purchased, we start with an Intake call of up to 30 minutes where we discuss specifically what tasks will be assigned/completed; my working hours, deadlines and expectations around communications and delegating; Schedule an Intake call with me
  4. Followed up within 24 hours by a New Client Welcome letter and a Memo of Understanding that includes:
    • The general kind of tasks we have agreed upon (this is flexible as time progresses)
    • When I’m at my desk and available to you
    • My commitment to confidentiality, non-disclosure and systems in place to ensure data security for your business.
    • Your commitment to clear, precise delegation and timely submission of required documents to facilitate task completion.
    • Where to buy time
  5. You delegate specific tasks to me. (via email or zoom).  I schedule those tasks into my work week, prioritizing as required to manage deadlines from multiple clients. I report back to you as specific tasks are completed.
  6. Each Monday morning you receive an email update from me letting you know how much time is left on your Virtual Debit Card. [NOTE: If I am doing a significant amount of work for you and your Debit Card is running low, I will update you and remind you to purchase more hours at about the 1 hr level.]

Let’s get started.

Hello, I’m Gwen and I’m excited to work with you to help you streamline your business and give you time to focus on what matters most to you.

Contact me:

To Schedule a Discovery Call or book an Intake Appointment.